School bags

Ready for back to school? Our little Archibald school bags will accompany your children during their kindergarten years. They are perfect for storing everything you need for a day at school. Fall for one of our prints!

What child is not proud to carry their little schoolbag on their shoulders to join their friends at school?

The nursery schoolbag is an essential in the life of a child who is preparing to go to school. It's also the first purchase we make for the start of the school year, whether to go to daycare or kindergarten. It is in this bag that all your child's essentials will be stored to spend their day at school. At Milinane, we love practical but also trendy accessories! This is why we have created a range of school bags with our unique patterns, which will not go unnoticed in the playground: the iconic Tiger print, Baby T-rex print, but also more girly such as a daisy flower, a heart pattern.

Made from Oeko-Tex certified cotton canvas, our Archibald schoolbag is made with great care and will withstand your toddler's multiple adventures. It is also machine washable at 30°C with an anti-fading wipe to preserve its pretty colors for many years.

Which nursery bag should I choose for my child?

In kindergarten, whether in small section, medium section or large section, you will not (yet) have heavy notebooks to carry. It is absolutely not necessary to have a large bag or even a wheeled satchel, it will take up more space than anything else. On the other hand, from the middle section, you may be asked to keep a life notebook there. This, in order to be protected, must be slipped into your child's small schoolbag. Thus, we recommend a minimum size of 32 x 28 x 23 cm from the middle nursery section.

Knowing that your child will have to carry their bag on their shoulders, consider choosing a lightweight satchel made from natural materials such as cotton or linen. It is important to pay attention to the quality of what you buy for yourself or your children. Indeed, this nursery bag will be worn every day. It must not contain any harmful substances. In this case, choose a certified and resistant natural material.

It should also be comfortable enough for your child to feel comfortable. Your child will grow with it, so consider getting a schoolbag with adjustable handles to extend the life of the bag. In order to be able to store all your little things, the nursery school bag must still be spacious enough.

Also note that if your child likes the school bag you choose, they will be more inclined to carry it themselves, and above all not to forget it! Buy a bag with his favorite colors, or his favorite patterns, like dinosaurs, tigers or birds or small flowers. Most of our prints are mixed, they are ideal for a boy's nursery bag, but also for a girl's.

Finally, last tip and not least, turn to a machine washable satchel. This kindergarten school bag will be carried everywhere 5 days a week, it will sometimes need a little bath!

What to put in the nursery bag?

As we have already said, a large school bag is not necessary for these first years of school. It must still be large enough to contain:

  • A complete change outfit
  • What you need for a nap: cuddly toy, pacifier
  • Tissues
  • A little snack
  • A water bottle
  • His life notebook

Note: remember to mark your child's first name inside the school bag as well as on their clothes to prevent them from losing them. You can sew or use a self-adhesive or iron-on label (Ludilabel).

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