Who are we ?

Milinane was created in the fall of 2017, thanks to Marine, a former product manager in a decoration brand.
Coming from a family working in textiles and always attracted to the world of decoration, she already saw herself creating her brand.

“My first source of inspiration? My children"

Marine gives birth to her first daughter in Seville, Spain. There she discovered childcare accessories that do not exist in France, or very few.
The project matured and she decided to launch her brand by adding her own style and values ​​that were close to her heart.

At the start of the adventure, Milinane is the offering of practical and stylish linen and accessories, to dress your childcare items: stroller seats, cozy cushions, deckchair covers, etc.

Then we wanted to expand our collection by offering accessories intended for the active mother, the one who is in perpetual motion, the one who wants to introduce her baby to the world and everything that surrounds her.
Our ambition was to offer products that adapt to this pace of life while always looking in the same direction: to offer you high-quality accessories that combine practicality and aesthetics thanks to unique designs.

The collection then grew with the arrival of nomadic accessories to carry with you everywhere and at all times: changing bag, toiletry bag, health book cover, travel changing mat, etc. accessories to accompany you everywhere all the time.
We no longer just want to decorate your interior.

Who is behind Milinane?


Marine, the designer, is a young mother of two adorable little girls, passionate about the world of childcare, babies and decoration. With the help of her graphic designer friend, they create the pretty Milinane patterns together. She is also the link with our suppliers in Portugal. Together, they design Milinane products and ensure the quality of each product.


She shares our most beautiful photos with you on social networks and responds to all your little words of love. She is also the one who writes each line on the site in order to best inform you about every little detail of our products. She also takes the time to give you lots of tips and advice on our blog.


It is the direct link to all your favorite stores in France and abroad. She creates a real relationship with each of them and particularly enjoys guiding them in their selection of Milinane items.


She beautifies our website every day to facilitate your navigation and to make your experience unforgettable! She creates each visual in harmony with our graphic charter, on the site but also on our social networks.

La Mission de Milinane

Prints = our identity

We don't just see life in pink, but we see it in all colors.

The Milinane DNA: sometimes daring patterns and colors. Milinane is the combination of original patterns and bold colors that come together to bring cheerfulness and trend.
Through our creations, our goal is to give life to exclusive mixed prints.
Prints that can't be found anywhere else. A cross between the childish universe and the desire to offer a modern style for today's women.

What we love above all: Mix and Match to add pep to your interior and a touch of madness to your outfits. We mix patterns and colors to give your accessories a special place in your cocoon.

trousse vanity tigre bébé milinane

Design = Generous

Our watchword: Always surprise you more.

With us, no fuss. We don't skimp on the material.
Whether lined with canvas to consolidate its resistance or lightly padded thanks to its fleece, each accessory has its very particular shape and qualitative characteristics that are specific to it.

Large padded toiletry bags to store EVERYTHING baby needs in one single bag, large pouches to organize your days, a fully padded travel changing mat to ensure maximum comfort, bags of different shapes and sizes. different sizes to perfectly suit your needs.

Quality = A Must

So essential/essential that we shouldn't even mention it. But at Milinane, a point of honor is made on the quality of our accessories. This is our essence and the reason why Milinane was created.

Our ambition is to offer you accessories that last over time, thanks to materials selected with great interest, handmade manufacturing and unparalleled attention to detail.

bavoir bandana bébé surf milinane